79: Weird Flex, But "Okay"

Black holes, real and digital. Sony teases the next PlayStation. The Minecraft movie, Division 2 patches, and ATLAS' long-delayed 1.5 update. »

78: A Soup Sandwich

Borderlands 3 is coming in the fall. EverQuest turns 20. EVE Online accomplishment and intrigue. BioWare goes astray. »

77: A Chorus of Clapping

EA continues the layoff waves. Gearbox is going back to the Borderlands. China burns Cthulhu RPG rulebooks. Jeremy and Joe get their Overwatch on. »

76: Battle Clowns

Google gets into game streaming. Oculus announces a new VR headset. Nvidia to shoehorn ray tracing onto old cards, and Old Man Wuerthele gets skeptical. »

75: A Tritium Tangent

Microsoft brings Halo to the PC once again. PC memory prices are dropping. Fortnite enables cross-play by default. »