66: Gay Daddy Forever

CES is in full swing. GAMA drama roils. PS4 is winning the console war. The Division 2 snubs Steam. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Destiny 2 Forsaken ATLAS »

65: Helicopter Slimes

ATLAS has a rocky launch. Fallout 76's woes continue. Blizzard is beleaguered. There is less Duane than usual. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP 7 Days to Die Farming »

64: Fizzy Liverzapper

ATLAS gets delayed again. Blizzard walks away from Heroes of the Storm. Fortnite dances may get a day in court. Games and gaming things we're thankful »

63: Taunts From The Edge

The guys restart 7 Days to Die. The Game Awards happened. Epic makes a lot of moves. Nintendo's netcode still sucks. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP7 Days to »

62: Laffy-Taffy

Steam faces stiff competition from Epic and others. WalMart's gaming PCs are... kinda OK. Bethesda's Fallout woes continue. Todd returns from vacation, and Duane returns from »