73: Such An Enduring Cathedral

Pok√©mon's Generation 8 is coming in 2019. The Division 2 is weeks away. Destiny 2's next season brings big changes. Bowser now runs Nintendo of America! »

72: Demand More

Game industry workers flirt with unionizing. Star Citizen throws shade on ray-tracing. Jeff Kaplan didn't foresee "maining." Old-man Wuerthele has opinions. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Destiny 2 »

71: The Cantankerous Weirdo

Activision Blizzard makes layoffs while posting record revenues. The Steam Award winners are weird. Abuse allegations roil TTRPGs. Todd builds a new computer. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUPApex »

70: All These Games I Don't Play

Anthem's public demo sucked a little less. Apex Legends makes a splash. Machinima closes its doors. Duane gushes about WarGroove. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP ATLAS Destiny 2 »

69: A Very Nice Show

Nintendo restarts Metroid Prime 4 development. Anthem has a rocky private demo weekend. Metro: Exodus defects to Epic. Todd builds an ATLAS server. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP »