62: Laffy-Taffy

Steam faces stiff competition from Epic and others. WalMart's gaming PCs are... kinda OK. Bethesda's Fallout woes continue. Todd returns from vacation, and Duane returns from »

61: Edgy Alt-Future

White Wolf's last straw. Bethesda's sorry about Fallout 76. The US Army gets into eSports. Mike Wuerthele gets cranky. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Destiny 2 Forsaken Battletech »

60: My Frozen Withered Corpse

We say goodbye to Stan Lee. Microsoft makes big RPG moves. We talk Dungeons & Dragons, games of shame and more with special guest Brian Patterson. »

59: Easily Worth The Money

BlizzCon! Diablo Immortal disappoints. Riot sued for gender discrimination. Scum gets virtual male enhancement. Todd launches a rocket. WRUP Factorio Fallout 76 Beta Kerbal Space Program »

58: Service Tech In My Kitchen

A special Halloween episode! WalMart dives into gaming PCs. Red Dead Redemption 2 breaks records. D&D may become an eSport? WRUPOverwatchDead By DaylightFactorioTodd's current »