69: A Very Nice Show

Nintendo restarts Metroid Prime 4 development. Anthem has a rocky private demo weekend. Metro: Exodus defects to Epic. Todd builds an ATLAS server. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP »

68: Grind For Your Wood

ATLAS mania continues. Farming Simulator gets an esports league. Google is training Skynet on StarCraft 2. The Division 2's Dark Zones look interesting. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP »

67: A Pirate Bard

Bungie leaves Activision and takes Destiny indie. Rocket League goes cross-platform. Intel price-gouges on downmarket CPUs. Todd and Joe have ATLAS on the brain... LISTEN SUBSCRIBE »

66: Gay Daddy Forever

CES is in full swing. GAMA drama roils. PS4 is winning the console war. The Division 2 snubs Steam. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Destiny 2 Forsaken ATLAS »

65: Helicopter Slimes

ATLAS has a rocky launch. Fallout 76's woes continue. Blizzard is beleaguered. There is less Duane than usual. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP 7 Days to Die Farming »