15: Magnificent Death Counters

An experimental episode: we drop the segment format and just talk about the gaming news of the day: Oculus Rift hardware requirements, open season on online game cheaters, the demise of Konami, and more!



Oculus Rift PC Requirements

Virtual Reality Porn? Oculus Founder Says He Won't Stop It

Microsoft Backtracks on Free Windows 10 Update for Pirates

Candy Crush Saga Comes Pre-Installed on Windows 10

The Damn Jar-Jar Game

2K Teases "Advent"


Konami focusing on mobile games

Mass Effect creator Casey Hudson joins MS, working on HoloLens

Blizzard confirms no mounted flight in Warlords of Draenor, future expansions

How could "no flying" be less annoying?

Nearly 25k H1Z1 players banned for cheating

Blizzard bans more than 100k WoW accounts

Capcom to make HD remakes a "key business activity"

Rock Band 4 Trailer casting call

GTA V mods carried malware

Magicka 2 Release Date Trailer