11: You Can Call Me Admiral

GTA 5's release woes, the ESA tries to stop preservation of gaming history, World of Warcraft will add timewalking and shipyards, and the boys reveal their guilty pleasure games.

What Are You Playing? (WRUP)

Todd & Joe: GTA V

Duane: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate & Coup

Stories of the Week

Focus Target: Guilty Pleasure Games

Todd loves mindless sims:

Joe hates to love Dynasty Warriors, the endlessly repetitive Romance of the Three Kingdoms brawler that just. Won't. Die.

Duane loves ridiculously technical flight/space sims, mainly Kerbal Space Program. Problem is when he tries to talk about it to anyone, folks who aren't math or space nerds tune right out...

Humble Origin Bundle 2 Giveaway

This week we're giving away a copy of the Humble Origin Bundle 2, including Dragon Age 1 and 2, Dead Space 2, Mass Effect 2, and a handful of other great EA games. To get your chance to win, listen to the show and find out how to tell us about your own guilty pleasure game!


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