10: All of the Money

Is Exploding Kittens more fluff than crunch? Why is Nintendo starving the Amiibo market? We talk about all things Grand Theft Auto, and discuss how we got into tabletop gaming on this week's HammerCast!


  • Jeff: Final Fantasy Tactics A2
  • Duane: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Joe: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Stories of the Week

Heroes of the Storm Giveaway

Listen to the show to find out how you could win a Heroes of the Storm Beta code!

Focus Target: Tabletop games

International Tabletop Day is coming up on Saturday, April 11 2015. Started by Wil Wheaton and friends at Geek and Sundry three years ago as a way to celebrate tabletop gaming together... not at some huge yearly convention, but at homes and local game stores around the world.


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