83: Fluffer Nutter

WoW Classic proves the past is more complex than our nostalgia. Sony and Microsoft team up to take on Google Stadia. Minecraft Earth, Destiny nerfs, Division »

82: Shooter Roulette

The trade war threatens tabletop gaming. Monster Hunter's expansion gets a release date. Casual vs. Hardcore is sooo 2014. KFC throws shade and gets fried. LISTEN »

81: Dad Jokes With My Dentist

We say goodbye to Peter Mayhew, cackle at China's Game for Peace, chide Bethesda's TTRPG plagiarism, and marvel at CRYTEK's software ray tracing. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP »

80: Rebelling Space Monkeys

Duane, Brian and Old Man Wuerthele hold court on Borderlands 3, the Valve Index, Chinese game censorship, the Epic Games Store, the TTRPG renaissance, and more. »

79: Weird Flex, But "Okay"

Black holes, real and digital. Sony teases the next PlayStation. The Minecraft movie, Division 2 patches, and ATLAS' long-delayed 1.5 update. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Tom »