76: Battle Clowns

Google gets into game streaming. Oculus announces a new VR headset. Nvidia to shoehorn ray tracing onto old cards, and Old Man Wuerthele gets skeptical. LISTEN »

75: A Tritium Tangent

Microsoft brings Halo to the PC once again. PC memory prices are dropping. Fortnite enables cross-play by default. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Overwatch Warframe Farming Simulator '19 »

74: Fix A Lot of Early Sins

Early Access comes to bite ATLAS players. Fortnite players beware the Fork Knife. Games should probably stop dropping non-delta patches. Gearbox is bringing big things to »

73: Such An Enduring Cathedral

Pok√©mon's Generation 8 is coming in 2019. The Division 2 is weeks away. Destiny 2's next season brings big changes. Bowser now runs Nintendo of America! »

72: Demand More

Game industry workers flirt with unionizing. Star Citizen throws shade on ray-tracing. Jeff Kaplan didn't foresee "maining." Old-man Wuerthele has opinions. LISTEN SUBSCRIBE WRUP Destiny 2 »